The Rugby League Digest Hall of Fame


Original Parameters:

  • Goal -  to honour the vast array of rugby league greats ranked slightly below immortal status
  • NRL era only - players Michael and Andrew have seen all or most of their careers
  • Maximum 3 x players per retiring class
  • Catchment area - for players to stay alive for potential induction in subsequent years
  • Statistical records and awards (Basic guidelines for inclusion):
    • 150+ games
    • 10 years in League
    • Multiple Tests and Origins
    • Dally M positional or other major award; premiership (desirable)
  • Intangibles:
    • Is the player iconic?
    • Can you tell the story of rugby league without this player?
    • Does this player pass the grandkids test?
    • Did this player strike fear into the opposition?

Additional Parameters:

  • Intangible category added during Class of 2006 discussion (episode 49)
    • Does this player have that special "Stardust" Factor?

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Class of 1998

Shortlist: Les Davidson, Greg Florimo, Scott Gourley, Ian Roberts, Dale Shearer, Paul Sironen

Inducted: Ian Roberts, Paul Sironen

Catchment: Dale Shearer

Class of 1999

Shortlist: Greg Alexander, Paul Harragon, Paul Langmack, Glenn Lazarus, Cliff Lyons, Steve Renouf, Steve Walters, Rod Wishart

Inducted: Glenn Lazarus, Cliff Lyons, Steve Walters

Catchment: Dale Shearer, Steve Renouf, Paul Harragon, Greg Alexander

Class of 2000

Shortlist: Ricky Stuart, Andrew Ettingshausen, Laurie Daley, Bradley Clyde, Jim Dymock, Michael Hancock

Inducted: Laurie Daley, Andrew Ettingshausen, Ricky Stuart

Catchment: Dale Shearer, Steve Renouf, Paul Harragon, Greg Alexander, Bradley Clyde, Michael Hancock

Class of 2001

Shortlist: Paul McGregor, Geoff Toovey, Jason Taylor, Kevin Walters

Inducted:  Bradley Clyde (2000), Paul Harragon (2000) Steve Renouf (2000), Dale Shearer (1998)

Catchment: Greg Alexander,  Kevin Walters

Class of 2002

Shortlist: Allan Langer, Ken Nagas, Ivan Cleary, Adam Muir, Matthew Johns, Tim Brasher, Brett Mullins

Inducted:  Allan Langer,  Tim Brasher, Greg Alexander (1999),

Catchment: Kevin Walters,  Brett Mullins

Class of 2003/04

Shortlist: Brad Fittler, Gordon Tallis, Stephen Kearney, Nathan Blacklock, Ryan Girdler, Robbie O'Davis

Inducted: Brad Fittler, Gordon Tallis , Kevin Walters (2001)

Catchment: Brett Mullins, Nathan Blacklock, Ryan Girdler

Class of 2005

Shortlist: Terry Hill, Darren Smith,  Nathan Blacklock, Ryan Girdler, Brett Mullins, Ryan Girdler

Inducted: Nil

Catchment: Brett Mullins, Nathan Blacklock, Ryan Girdler, Terry Hill, Darren Smith

Class of 2006

Shortlist: Shane Webcke, Ben Kennedy, Matthew Gidley, Jason Croker, Adrian Morley, Matthew Sing, Shaun Timmins

Inducted: Shane Webcke, Ben Kennedy, Adrian Morley

Catchment: Brett Mullins, Nathan Blacklock, Terry Hill, Darren Smith, Matthew Gidley