The Super League War Chapter One: A Time For Heroes, Part One

Welcome to the first episode of The Rugby League Digest’s in-depth investigation of the Super League War. We begin the saga by taking a deep dive into the season before the war, 1994. An historical high point for the game before it all came crashing down, in this first instalment of our season recap we put the game in context through the Rugby League Week player Q&As, review an impressive batch of footy cards (0:13:00) and recount an Alan Jones-fuelled power struggle at South Sydney (0:21:30). Finally, we look at the recruitment drives from the four new clubs entering the competition in 1995 (0:39:30), including the dismantling of Penrith’s premiership squad brought about by the tragic 1992 death of Ben Alexander (0:53:00). This episode is dedicated to his memory.

Michael Adams